The Treasure Coast Business Summit

The rapid growth and expansion of the Florida economy demands that businesses and entrepreneurs must act to take full advantage of their resources.  The Treasure Coast Business Summit is designed to combine current and relevant real world information and resources with some of the Nation’s best motivational speakers.  This unique combination of information will help business owners and entrepreneurs identify their inner strengths and provide the tools and resources necessary to implement positive change in their business and personal life.  In addition to the comprehensive agenda of regional and local speakers, attendees will benefit from the relationships that will be forged through the networking opportunities and visiting the business to business vendors who have supported the event.

Our Foundation

The Treasure Coast Business Summit was created by a group of local business owners who banded together and combined their collective talents, reaching out to other business owners and managers throughout the Treasure Coast.  Their intentions were to help stimulate the economy by sharing ways to make their companies more profitable, operate efficiently and grow their business strong in a challenging economy.